Exploring new technologies to enhance the skills of people in rural areas, aiming to environmentally-friendly digital agriculture to tackle climate change.


AGRILEARN is an ERASMUS+ EU-funded project, under the KA2-Cooperation Action regime. The project aims to strengthen and support the European agriculture industry by advancing smart/digital agriculture practices. It is dedicated to creating opportunities and enhancing skills for people in rural areas, emphasizing adopting environmentally friendly technologies/methods to combat climate change. A pivotal aspect of the project is the development of innovative, user-friendly VET (Vocational Education and Training) and an e-platform. These tools are integral for facilitating the adaptation of farmers and stakeholders to modern, smart agricultural practices, enhancing their capabilities, and improving the acceptance of new methodologies.

  • Strengthen the European agriculture industry.
  • Provide opportunities to isolated people in rural areas.
  • Introduce smart/digital agriculture to combat climate change.
  • Facilitate smart agriculture adaptation and adopt environmentally friendly technologies/methods.
  • Design innovative, user-friendly VET training to enhance the skills of producers/stakeholders.
  • Develop an innovative, user-friendly e-platform.
  • Research on good practices and previous developments (relevant initiatives, other EU projects, etc.) with respect to
    education and training with smart/digital agriculture as the core subject.
  • Development of up-to-date educational and training material relevant to smart/digital agriculture.
  • Development and implementation of innovative, and user-friendly VET training.
  • Development, validation, and testing of a game-changing e-platform for VET training.
  • Up-to-date training and educational material, addressing the needs and requirements of the identified target group,
  • Innovative, user-friendly VET training and educational sessions to familiarise the identified target group with the idea of
    smart agriculture and digitalisation, and enhance their skills.
  • Innovative, user-friendly e-platform for the target group.
  • Establishment of fruitful collaborations.
  • Enhanced user acceptance, trust and adoption.
  • Preservation of tradition.



Project Management


Good practices, implementation of VET training, and e-platform development, validation, and testing


Communication, exploitation, and awareness raising



ITML is a specialist in software solutions encompassing big data analytics, advanced data mining, machine learning, and UI/UX design. Their core competencies revolve around creating software prototypes that integrate machine learning, data mining, IoT systems, and visualization tools. ITML is the Project Coordinator for the AGRILEARN project and leads Work Package 1 Project Management (WP1).

Agricultural University of Athens

The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) offers high-level undergraduate and postgraduate Education and Research in Agricultural Science, and its vision is to achieve Educational and Research Excellence to occupy a dynamic position in the international academic environment.

Agrodiatrofiki Simpraksi Periferias Stereas Elladas

Agrodiatrofiki Simpraksi Periferias Stereas Elladas is a Greek non-profit organization working to promote locally produced agrifood products. It aims to bridge the gap between producers and consumers and create synergies among the agrifood, tourism, and catering sectors.


CYCERE, the Cyprus Centre of Environmental Research and Education, is an independent environmental center in the Akrotiri Peninsula of Cyprus. Its core mission is to promote environmental conservation through education, research, and information dissemination. CYCERE targets a diverse audience, with a strong emphasis on educating young people and students about Cyprus’s natural ecosystems, particularly those in the Cape Peninsula.

Tiny Maenhout

Tiny Maenhout focuses on rural development in the Netherlands, particularly in agriculture, tourism, and recreation. The organization aims to support women entrepreneurs and develop new economic drivers in rural areas. Tiny Maenhout plays a unique role in the AGRILEARN project as an end-user tester of the developed e-platform for VET. Their real-world feedback on usability and effectiveness is crucial in ensuring the platform meets educational needs.

European Integration and Training Centre ALPHA

ALPHA is a Spanish association that works towards European integration by promoting culture, education, and the arts nationally and across Europe. They offer training, organize events, and conduct research, contributing to the development and assessment of projects related to European integration.