Discover the essence of our projects through our Work Packages. Each package is a carefully curated roadmap, outlining project milestones and deliverables.

WP1: Project Management

Project and Quality Management: This phase spans from M1 to M24 and ensures the smooth and timely execution of the project across various aspects, including financing, administration, production, and coordination.

Activities: include project planning, communication, monitoring, fine-tuning, organizing partner meetings, drafting meeting minutes, coordinating, collecting, and reviewing progress reports, defining qualitative and quantitative success criteria, monitoring and evaluation, developing executive quality reports, reporting significant deviations to the partnership, initiating contingency plans, and maintaining communication with the National Agency.

WP2: Good practices, implementation of VET training, and e-platform development, validation, and testing

Impact: WP2 is expected to have a multifaceted impact, encompassing enhanced user acceptance of smart and digital agriculture, the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies to combat climate change, a smooth transition to digital agriculture across the EU, increased inclusivity for vulnerable populations, sustainability of the EU agriculture industry, potential partnerships among organizations, and the preservation of traditional agricultural practices.

Objectives: The objectives of WP2 encompass various critical tasks, including: conducting research to identify best practices and past advancements in education and training related to smart and digital agriculture; creating current and pertinent educational materials specific to smart and digital agriculture; designing and implementing cutting-edge, user-friendly vocational education and training (VET) programs; and innovatively developing, validating, and testing an e-platform that promises to revolutionize VET training in this field.

Outcomes: The outcomes of WP2 encompass several key achievements, including the identification of current best practices in education and training for smart/digital agriculture; the successful development and execution of VET training programs tailored for rural area producers and stakeholders within the smart/digital agriculture domain; and the creation, validation, and testing of an accessible e-platform designed for the educational and training needs of rural area producers and stakeholders.

WP3: Communication, exploitation, and awareness raising

Impact: Increased awareness among the public on the issues, increased interest in attending relevant courses, increased visibility of new-emerging technologies/methods related to smart/digital agriculture, and increased uptake of the project’s outcomes by relevant stakeholders.

Objectives: Dissemination of project activities and results to a wide national and EU audience, raise awareness about major environmental issues and climate change, promote the concept of smart/digital agriculture, and facilitate the uptake and exploitation of tailored learning opportunities and materials by relevant stakeholders in the EU agriculture industry.

Results : Development and execution of a strategy for disseminating project results and activities, heightened awareness among stakeholders and the general public regarding environmental issues, climate change, and smart/digital agriculture, the establishment and upkeep of the project’s website as the primary source for activity updates, the creation of newsletters and updates regarding project initiatives and partner information, and the establishment of a visual identity for the project alongside the production of promotional and informational materials.